• After searching months to find the best Makeup school for myself and no matter where and I got it….Coming to Los Angeles from san Francisco to attend the AML ACADEMY was one of the best decisions I have ever made it was worth it Alice gives us everything we need to know, and all the tools to make it happen she has been such a phenomenal personal and professional inspiration her school goes far beyond the technical aspects of makeup application and she is able to draw out the artist in each of us. Alice truly cares for her students and that love shows. I truly feel prepared and I I will succeed in the makeup industry I love Her Makeup Line “Luscious by Alice” is the Best ever Makeup Products and I got the full Kit and I am ready to start my business ….she provides us all the material during that 7 weeks course and I fall in love with the Products it’s a shame if I don’t buy them and use them on my clients Thank s to AML Academy and love u Alice always!!!!!!!!………………..Nazi on Dec/03/14

My dream has always to become a professional makeup artist and Alice helped me to achieve all the knowledge I needed to be successful in this industry. I am proud to be an AML Academy alumni, not only have I learned so much, I also made lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish forever, an experience that I sincerely recommend!!! Doing great makeup, having fun and working with celebrities is what you should expect coming from here. Alice’s knowledge is beyond expectation; her personality and positive high energy give you the best self confidence and motivation to become a professional Makeup Artist in a short period of time. You never say Good Bye to her because she is always there for you even after….maryam 3/19

Great Makeup School. I learned so much in just 7 weeks full course I feel very lucky to have attended AML excellent!!! Helpful, friendly, got me out of my rut and got me to change my life…..My experience at AML has been one of the best experience of my life I researched several schools and I m so happy I chose AML the entire course from 1st day to the last was unbelievably great and I learned more than I ever thought …Thank you Alice!!!! She gave me the confidence and skills to do makeup on different faces. She really wants their students to do well. I really appreciate Alice for her knowledge and her year experience that gave it to us I would definitely recommend to come to AML ACADEMY…hass 3/28/15

• AML ACADEMY has been an amazing school the many hours they put in to help bring out the best makeup artist …I have never felt so loved and comfortable. Alice was super knowledgeable and always willing o answer questions and even discusses different techniques and styles it is definitely worth taking the course. Thank u so much for a wonderful 7 weeks I learned so much you made me feel like I can do anything. This class was more than you can even imagine and I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity. AML Academy is by far the best, most well rounded makeup and beauty school in California we learn so much more than just makeup applications, we learn how to market ourselves, and most importantly to work in the different industries enjoyed every moment. LOVE IT……with confidence Now I start my 1st business working with different Models in a famous Modeling company. BIG Thanks to Dear Alice……..Angela on Dec 03/14

My experience at AML ACADEMY was amazing it was so much fun, and I learned a lot. Alice though me everything I need to know. I am so lucky to have found this outstanding makeup academy I have learned so much from this amazing course I am glad I invested in Alice’s education at AML Academy the experience and knowledge she is getting is priceless Thank u Alice..I look forward to using the knowledge I have gained to the fullest.
I felt the classes I took at AML were amazing! The tips I learned from Alice’s techniques took my knowledge to a whole other level. What I learned in 7 weeks classes from business to makeup was amazing not only I learned the business of makeup Artistry I get experience too. Alice gives u the tonus of great opportunity to work with her in the TV/Bridal and Fashion Show /Movie and Music Video. Her repetition is worth a million she is a phenomenal instructors, and so much fun to work with her. Thanks and Love you…….Anasheh 12/15/14


Taking the course really built my confidence, and I learned a lot AML ACADEMY has given me the skills o follow my dream at becoming a makeup artist as well as the experience needed for a successful career in retail cosmetics. The schedule and classes are super you can take courses if you feel you need practice in something you can go back and retake the class for free. AML door is always open for her graduation for Free. I gained a lot from the course it was worth it now I am working towards making makeup my full time career it’s definitely possible. I would like to Thank Alice and AML Academy for this wonderful opportunity and I just want to say I am proud to be a Alice’s Girl!!!!Thank u Alice you r unforgettable love you forever……sharis 12/16/14

Alice is amazing teacher. I have learned so much especially with Face and Eye shapes, contouring, different eye shadows technique, skin care, product knowledge, and the most important Business of Makeup Artistry. Just take the classes with full confidence and you won’t be disappointed. She is so much fun to work with specially helping us to find a job and be with her on TV, Bridal shows, Makeup projects, music video and pleasure to meet and work with celebrities on Movie set, it’s so much fun I loved it…AML ACADEMY was the greatest decision that I have ever done. Pursing my dram meeting the greatest friends and helpful teacher were amazing. I have learned so much about the course of makeup I have grown as a person and become stronger Thank you AML and Alice….Everything was great. I will recommend everybody without any regret to take her classes and become a pro like Alice..Love you always….Ramesh 3/18/15

When I completed the 7 weeks artistry course I felt feeling confident that I would be able to achieve my goal working as a makeup artist.AML gave all the tools and techniques that will allow me to work and continually improve. Alice is a fabulous instructor and her makeup line luscious by Alice is a amazing product. I have the whole kit and I will recommend to everyone to try it and buy it you will fall in love with it as soon as u starts using it. AML ACADEMY is a top notch school because of her amazing talent, I gave it 5 stars… great school with very warm and welcoming people around it is an amazing experience and I learned a lot. Thank you so much Alice…….irina 3/17/15

AML ACADEMY is an adventure is to challenge myself and to experience something completely different from what I do on a day to day basis. What I got out of it is more than I could have ever hoped for. Alice is amazing so full of knowledge. The information that she shared was great. She is so informative on everything from technique to need-to-know industry information. She and her Academy take the time to show you how to get things done perfectly. I am really proud to be a part of the family and thank you Alice to teacher us all the great makeup techniques and knowledge .U r truly Amazing and love u always…Monica 3/17/15

AML Academy truly believes in the art of excellence and I am so happy and glad o be part of this institution I had a good time with all of the girls, awesome team work I leaved with an amazing amount of knowledge in this 7 weeks course, not only I learned all the industry also I got experience and confidence she transferred to us. AML ACADEMY, beauty and print not only teaches you how to become a professional makeup artist, but how to become a better person and a strong leader. Alice is always pushes you to improve yourself and your makeup skills I have enjoyed every moment of my time at her classes. Her book”step by step beauty secrets by Alice” is full of great information that will always be useful throughout the future. Her Makeup Line “Luscious by Alice” is one of the best products I ever used, it’s great and surly you can use them too and you will fall in love with it… you are amazing Alice and we all LOVE your Academy. Always wishing you Success. Nili 3/20

I highly recommend AML ACADEMY to anyone considering learning Makeup Artistry. This course has been excellent!! It was an incredible experience for me that I will never forget. A great place that I honestly consider my second home. Alice is amazing teacher, leader, and way talented. This is the best makeup school I have ever been to and I think that says a lot. AML ACADEMY taught and showed me a new thing that I feel I didn’t know, especially the business part of being a makeup artist. Her Makeup line “luscious by Alice” I can tell one of the best products special stick foundation O M G , her makeup book “ step by step beauty secrets by Alice” its amazing .I self felt that I have improved so much as a makeup artist and I am glad to have graduated here. I will definitely recommended …Thank you and always love you Dear Alice…nataly 3/19/15

I am very happy with my decision to join the AML ACADEMY. It’s a great way to learn everything about the makeup industry. Alice is one of the Best and well known celebrity Makeup Artist, everyone knows about her. Alice wants you to succeed and she gives you the tools that you need to do so. My experiences have surpassed my expectations. Working with the instructor’s on-on-one has helped me through this experience the practical hands-on course gives real world experience so you’re prepared to start working from day one. She opened the doors and great opportunities to be able to start working with Celebrities on Movies, music videos, fashion and beauty shows, which I am so thankful. Alice’s incredible Makeup Book and Luscious by Alice products are one of the best. Truly and surly I recommend AML ACADEMY. It is the Greatest……Alina 3/20/15

Alice doesn’t give up on you she keep helping you so you can be successful she is amazing teacher. You get to know and work with so many people I will recommend anyone who loves to network and do makeup. AML ACADEMY needs to be global I take pride graduating from AML ACADEMY no other school has what AML has the best instructor the best technique, knowledge and the best experience. Best product line luscious by Alice, Her wonderful full of details book step by step beauty secrets by Alice…Alice is a celebrity and working with celebrity and open the door for us to work with her projects such as movie, music, Fashion and Bridal show, working next to her and get experience with no fear .All I can tell ALICE & HER AML ACADEMY is all I recommended. I really admire her knowledge, positive energy, and generosity …..You R so lovely, the best, and unforgettable my Dear…..janet vegas 3/26/15

AML has been one of my best accomplishments I have learned to value my creativity as an artist. AML make this experience fun and let your creativeness flow. Alice has been a great mentor and is now an inspiration for me to follow. Highly professional and incredibly talented and beyond my expectations. One of the best schools in the heart of Los Angeles. I loved the classes, very informative and very easy to understand. Alice is very nice and went into detail on everything that was covered in class .wow wow wow Her Book “step by step beauty secrets by Alice “ and her Full makeup line “Luscious by Alice” is the greatest. She gave me everything I need to get started. AML is a fabulous place full of endless opportunities, so happy I got the privilege to come here and work with her. Dear Alice you are THE BEST ……selo 3/18/15

AML ACADEMY was definitely a learning experience. Whether you know a little or a lot this Academy gives you the tools you’ll need to become an artist. I have learned far more than I imagined there is no way I could have done it without Alice, the truly instructor and celebrity Makeup Artist. I spend a great time learning different techniques in doing makeup. Very practical and to the point which was perfect for me. Most importantly, I have now my self confidence .I can’t say thank you enough. I love her book step by step beauty secrets by Alice 300 page of great information and pictures which we can use them all the time if we need it, I can tell that Her book is a another leader , and her amazing full Makeup line luscious by Alice. I appreciated everything and I will always recommend AML ACADEMY to makeup Artist of all levels! Thank you and we are really proud of you…..carol 3/26/15

My experience at AML Academy was amazing. Alice’s teaching methods are wonderful especially with her great book Step by Step Beauty Secrets by Alice. It is a very easy method in which I will cherish the book forever, it’s like GOLD to me and you are able to learn the material in the time given. It easily explains in detail everything we need to know from makeup applications, to how to work with clients. It teaches you to work with self-confidence and after graduation you feel like you have years of work experience. She lets you observe her work with her real brides and clients to become stronger and get the feel of working with customers. Even our graduation party was great, I’ve never seen it anywhere else, the overall experience was great and a lot of fun!! She is a fabulous instructor. I love my kit, the quality of the products are the best of the best “LUSCIOUS by Alice” I finally know the proper techniques for applying all different types of makeup. I am positive this has helped me to reach my goal. Thank you so much Alice and God Bless you and your Academy ….Josephine 3/21/15

AML ACADEMY is “The Best School” I attended with confidence graduation and training I need it to work as a freelance makeup artist. I have been consistently impressed with the work of Alice as a celebrity well known make-up artist, and great teacher She has both solid experience and excellent instincts as to whether something is going to work or not. I Love her “step by step beauty secret by Alice” book absolute amazing with full of great Information not only about makeup also about the business of Makeup Artistry. I am impressed with Her Makeup Line “Luscious by Alice” I fall in love with that, which I got the whole Kit and I will use them confidently with full product knowledge. After 7weeks taking master makeup course at AML I fell I have years experience thanks to my lovely master, and thank you for the opportunities you give us to work with u on your projects…God Bless you and your School…Armineh new student 3/31

I recently graduated from Aml Academy and it was just an amazing experience. I have nothing but good things to say. For starters the atmosphere is friendly and fun. Alice my instructor was very nice, knowledgeable, patient, experienced. I got the most amazing make up kit. Her line luscious by Alice, her great Book step by step beauty secrets by Alice, I have so much confident in my work after 7weeks course and got great experience. The photo shoot was intense and fun. The training was hands on and very much concentrated on the student and their ability to grasp the concept and then apply the technique correctly. I would definitely recommend AML to any aspiring artist….Anna new student 3/31/15


For our great artist of the day, Alice Atakhanian, two things were obvious from her childhood years - her love of make-up artistry and the passion and destiny for greatness.


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