7 Weeks Professional Beauty

7 Weeks $9,950

7 Weeks Professional Beauty

Makeup Artistry Courses

A.M.L. Academy offering classes to Becoming a professional certified makeup artist on Airbrush, Beauty, Bride, and Fantasy Makeup. Wherever your dreams may take you, A.M.L. Academy is designed to teach you the skills you’ll need, our teaching style is unique and totally different… experience a positive learning environment everywhere you look.
Train to become a makeup artist and find a job at the salon, makeup counter, production, photography studio, cosmetic company. Fashion or any other artist for wedding, theater, film career path. A.M.L Academy of Makeup & Fashion in the Los Angeles area is a premier professional school of makeup dedicated to excellence through education. We combine theory, demonstrations and hands-on training for entry-level and advanced courses in the artistry of makeup. We are not a cosmetology, esthetics or nail technology school. We focus solely on makeup artist training.

How to use corrective contour make-up for all Shapes of faces.
A.M.L Academy teaches you how to do Contouring Face, Cheek, Forehead, and Nose. Face contouring helps to minimize the deep lines, wrinkles and loose skin with the use of revitalizing solution(s) giving instant hydration and moisture to the skin. You can do one face treatment for a special occasion or multiple sessions depending on your goals. However, once you have achieved your goal, it is then recommended to do periodic sessions for maintenance. Face contouring can be done by men or women of any age. It’s only a healthy treatment for the face.

What Do Makeup Artists Do?
A great makeup artist will be in demand in a wide variety of professional settings. With training from A.M.L Academy, you can work with:
• Photographers
• Television show and commercial crews
• Talk shows and newscasts
• Fashion designers at runway shows
• Fashion magazines and catalogs
• Advertising firms
• Motion picture studios
• Infomercial crews
• Music video crews
• Stage production groups
• Bridal and Events
• Fantasy Makeup
We prepare you for an exciting career in all aspects of salon and counter beauty, with a specialty in media production makeup. We help you build a working knowledge with professional tools. We also focus on helping you build good business sense.

Professional Makeup & Contour Course
AML Academy classes are Theory/Demo/Practical
One and One Hands on training/Model

Beauty Makeup Artistry

HD Commercial Beauty Makeup Artistry Materials Procedures Training
The procedures in this session are designed to help the trainee master the skills of makeup application. This will give the trainee a deeper understanding of makeup materials and techniques that is necessary to become successful in film industry, or Beauty Industry. This course will contain lectures as well hands-on labs. The rooms where the sessions will be conducted duplicate film and make up studios to give the students a feel of what to expect.

There are various topics that will be covered in this training. The trainees will gain knowledge of Beauty and Corrective Beauty make up material. Knowledge of these procedures are essential, in order to be employed in Theater, Fashion, and Film Industry. Some lectures will include the following: Classic Glamour, High Fashion, and Fantasy Beauty etc. No prerequisites required. This session equips trainees to work in high fashion and for special events such as weddings and red carpet events in an entry-level capacity.

Course Outline
Anatomy, Shading, Highlighting, Corrective

Product Knowledge, Safety Procedures, and Hygiene
Formulas for sanitizing; chemical solutions of brushes;
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Bleach Solution

Shading and Highlighting Application
Powder application
Moist or oil-base cheek color and color glow application
Dry cheek color application
Iridescent powder punch up

Eye Make-Up Application
Selection and placement of eye color and upper lid line shading
Upper lid liner or shading accentuation
Actual upper lid highlight application and under arch highlight/Eyebrow shaping and sketching techniques
First mascara application (upper and lower lashes)/Strip and individual false eyelash application

Lip Color
Lip line
Lip color
Lip Shading
Corrective lining and adjustment

Beauty and Corrective Make-up Genres (Lectures and/Demos)
High Fashion
Red Carpet
Editorial/Couture (run way dramatic)
Political Platform (Female/Male)
Theatrical Live Stage
Period (20, 30, 40, 50, 60…)

Final Testing and Session Completion

Sanitation and Hygiene 16 Clock Hours
Anatomy, Shading, Highlighting, Corrective 8 Clock Hours
Clean Beauty 16 Clock Hours
Glamour 16 Clock Hours
Period Make-up and testing 16 Clock Hours
High Fashion 16 Clock Hours
Fantasy Make-up and testing 16 Clock Hours
Final Exam Written and Practical 8 Clock Hours

Text book: “Step by Step Beauty Secrets by Alice”

All Students during their training they will have observation and helping Alice at “Beyond Beauty Parlor”
You will graduate with years Experience

Makeup Artistry program Curriculum
1st week
• History of Makeup
• Makeup artistry (what it takes to be a professional)
• The business of makeup artistry
• Booking work
• Developing & stocking the professional makeup kit
• Industry union discussion
• Highlighting & contouring techniques
• Contouring face, eyes ,eyebrow for beauty, head shot, stage & Theater
• Study of eyebrow shape, face, and bone structure
2nd week
• Introduction to cosmetics & communication
• Makeup Artistry
• Color theory & coordination
• Guide for selecting and finding the perfect shade for lip, eye & check
• Eyebrow shape & Definition
• Color chart for eyebrows
• Sanitation & sterilization
• Skin care
• Analysis of the skin
• Cleansing & Toning the face
• Moisturizers & sun protection
• Essential Tool Guide different types of Brushes for a specific need & Technique
• Makeup products care
• Preparing the face for makeup
3rd week
• Setting up your station
• Product knowledge
• Business of Beauty
• Foundation formula & Application mixing and matching
• Troubleshooting foundation
• Concealers, where and how to use
• Correction on problems face
• Choosing Corrector colors
• primers for eyes and face
• Understanding undertones
• Eye shadow techniques
• Ten –step guide to perfect Makeup
• The beauty of Diversity
• African American, Freckled, porcelain, Asian, Middle Eastern & Latin skin & Beauty
4th week
• Eye shadow placement
• Eye shadow formula & Texture
• Eye shadow crease color or contour & color chart
• How to work with photography & lighting
• Eyeliner Formulas & special Techniques
• False eyelashes application & curling lashes
• Natural makeup
• Day time makeup
• Classic beauty makeup
• Lip, eyebrow, blush application
• Eye shadow application for all looks with eye shadows supra & Aqua color
• (Natural, cat eye, Smokey eye, Bridal, Arabic eye)
5th week
• Glamour makeup for print, TV, film, & music video
• Makeup for photography
• Makeup for magazines
• Makeup for television & film
• Makeup for fashion shows
• Working with celebrities
• Special occasion makeup transforming a day face into a evening face
• Bridal makeup
• Bridal Dos & Don’ts
• Mature makeup Do’s and Don’ts
• Working with different mediums, glitter, pigments, paints etc.
• Shimmer & Matte colors, when and where to utilize them
• Different techniques to achieve smoky, & cat eyes.
• Blending techniques.
• Matching eye, lip, & check colors for each look
6th week
• Fashion history
• International historical makeup
• Fashion makeup secrets
• Makeup for ramp/runway
• Makeup for fashion show
• Understanding Avant-garde , couture & Fantasy makeup
• Quick change makeup during fashion
• Trendy & Bizarre fashion makeup
• Makeup through the ages
• Makeup during pregnancy
• Bad day beauty
• Makeup for teens
• Men makeup
• Full correction makeup
• Period makeup 3000 B.C-present
• 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s
7th week
• Working with models practice & practice
• Beauty & Fantasy competition
• (Utilizing everything you’ve learned!! winner will be chosen and recognized)
• One day photo shoot & portfolio
• After successfully Graduated your portfolio & name will be added to: AML website
Cost of Training

Session training without materials……………………………. $6,500.00
Session primary Makeup kit Materials………………………..$3,200.00

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For our great artist of the day, Alice Atakhanian, two things were obvious from her childhood years - her love of make-up artistry and the passion and destiny for greatness.


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